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South America Travel and ToursTravel South America including Brazil, Argentina, Chile and PeruSouth America Travel and Tourism
Visit some of the greatest highlights of the world when you travel South America.

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When you travel to South America, there are a few things consider.

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From Mountains to Beaches:
The Andes Mountains of Patagonia and the beaches of Brazil are just some of the amazing regions in South America

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The Land of Contrasts:
Each country in South America has a special history and culture, along with it's own highlights and wonders.

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Best Cities:
Action packed metropolises and quiet native villages are all found in South America.
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Best Excursions:
Hike the Inca Trail or climb the biggest glacier in the world in South America.

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Best Wildlife:
Lacking lions or tigers, South America has its fair share of jaguars, llamas and penguins.
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